Find a qualified 3PL (third-party fulfillment) provider and get the warehouse space you need, when and where you need it, so you can focus on your business.



A 3PL is the most expensive line item on your P&L. For most brands, you'll end up paying more to your 3PL than your manufacturer for the actual goods you are selling.

In addition, your 3PL is the one who actually gets your product into your customer's hands. If they are slow to ship out products, your relationship with your customer is damaged. If they mispack or poorly pack your items, that damages your brand. Ultimately, your 3PL controls the end experience with your customer.


Best and Basic will find the perfect fulfillment solution so you can focus on building your brand.

As your consultative partner, filled with deep expertise, we've transformed every aspect of the process to find the right fit for your brand.

Discover the offerings below, plus the Best & Basic process that focuses on the operational areas that matter to your brand.


Here are 6 key things to look out for. Whether you're an established brand or a growing startup, discover what to look for in a solution to move your business forward and truly evaluate your 3PL to protect your business.

1. Caution around VC-backed 3PLs

A high-growth VC-backed startup, 3PL, may have glossy marketing but could only focus on acquiring customers and raising more money. Its mission is to eventually sell the company rather than its core focus, serving your needs.

3. Understand Postage Fee & Surcharges

A complex method of charging you, this is the place where dishonorable 3PLs thrive. Postage, such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL, is a significant cost to your brand, shipping an item from the warehouse to the customer.

5. Have An Out In Your Contract

The 3PL contracts & renewal terms can be a massive trap. Don't get locked into a commitment without an out clause. A clear cancellation window and minimums that are right for your brand.

2. You Will Get Overcharged

There are honorable 3PLs who make mistakes and overcharge you, and others intentionally overcharge you through their complex rate cards because it is their business model. Best & Basic can navigate their rate cards.

4. Get Reliable Reference Checks

Refrain from taking the references a 3PL gives you. They will be designed to be super positive. Instead, let Best & Basic ask around to see what the reputation of the 3PL really is.

6. You Can Have It Your Way

The perfect partner is an extension of your brand. Did you know they can do more than you know? They can invest in equipment, technology, new locations, and consultants; you just need to know how to ask.